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Take a deep dive into all the features PixMagix has to offer and witness how they can enhance your WordPress design experience. These features not only streamline the image design process but also inspire groundbreaking creativity.

Image Editor

Explore the user-friendly and highly interactive Image Editor Interface of PixMagix. With intuitive design elements and easy-to-navigate options, transforming your WordPress visuals into captivating designs has never been easier.


PixMagix offers an advanced What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) editor that allows intuitive design, drag-and-drop functionality and seamless editing of graphic elements.

20+ Photo Filters

Enhance your images with a collection of over 20+ premium photo filters that can easily transform your pictures into stunning visuals.

QR Code Generator

Create custom, branded QR codes seamlessly with the integrated QR Code Generator for your marketing, promotions, or information-sharing needs.

Working With Layers

With layers, you can flexibly arrange, modify, and combine multiple objects, creating complex designs and compositions effortlessly.


Organize your design elements with greater ease using our Grouping feature, allowing you to move, scale, and edit multiple objects together.

Blending Modes

Experiment with different blending modes to create artistic and unique effects by combining layers/images or adjusting their transparency and interaction.

Text Overlays

Create captivating featured images for your blog by combining relevant pictures and compelling typography to entice readers and elevate your content.


Enhance your designs using sophisticated gradients, varying colors and transparency to create smooth transitions and visually striking layouts.

Free-Hand Drawing

Enjoy the freedom to illustrate uninhibitedly with our Free-Hand Drawing feature, perfect for creating custom sketches, adding personal touches, or just doodling.

Create Paths

With our Paths feature, you can create intricate designs and shapes with precision, allowing for more flexibility and control over your creations.

Simple Shapes

Easily add and customize numerous simple shapes into your designs, ranging from rectangles and circles to polygons and stars, for quick and easy graphic creation.

Exporting Designs

Export your designs in easily accessible image formats including JPG, PNG, and WEBP, ensuring compatibility with various digital platforms and optimizing for stellar SEO outcomes.

Editing PSD

Harness the power to conveniently edit Photoshop (.PSD) files direct on the platform, allowing seamless workflow between PixMagix and other design tools.

SVG Support

PixMagix allows you to work with SVG files, making it easy for you to use and edit vector images. This ensures your designs look great and scale well across all devices and screen sizes.

Keyboard Shortcuts

PixMagix offers intuitive keyboard shortcuts that help to speed up your design process, making tasks such as copying, pasting, and editing faster and easier.

Transform Tools

Move, scale, skew, and rotate your design elements with ease to make precise adjustments and create the exact look you envision.

Rulers & Guides

Utilize intuitive rulers and guides to align and position your design elements precisely, ensuring a clean and balanced composition.


Add shadows to your design elements to enhance depth and focus. Use this tool for both subtle and dramatic effects.

AI Tools

Introducing PixMagix’s AI tools – a bridge between AI and design right on your WordPress dashboard. Generate unique images, add a touch of flare with overlays and filters, and deposit them directly into your media library, all in a few clicks.

Text to Image

Generate visuals effortlessly by converting textual prompts into stunning images right within your WordPress admin dashboard. This feature brings your content to vivid life, simplifying your creative process.

Image Models

Leverage the power of advanced image models, Dall-e and Stable Diffusion. Experience superior quality AI-generated images that uniquely reflect your text prompts.


Never worry about losing your AI creations again. This auto-archive feature ensures that AI-generated images are stored directly on your server for easy access and high security.

Edit AI Images

Fine-tune your images directly in your dashboard with the PixMagix editor. Add image overlays, apply photo filters, and make adjustments to precisely fit your needs before saving it to your media library.

Export to Media

Transition your creative output directly to your media library with a simple export function. Effortless integration means your AI-enhanced visuals are available and ready for use at your convenience.

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