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Terms of Use

Welcome to your portal for the PixMagix WordPress plugin. We offer a non-exclusive limited license issued by author Andras Tovishati. The PixMagix plugin gives you the ability to create beautiful images for your WordPress website.

Throughout this document, terms like “our product” or “plugin” refer to the PixMagix plugin.

Purchase & Licensing

Our third-party platform, Freemius, Inc., handles product resale and license management. Freemius ensures a safe checkout, secures online payments, and manages licensing. It also uses essential cookies for security, fraud detection and prevention, and purchase completion.

Here’s a link to the Freemius privacy policy and its checkout cookie policy.

Freemius is fully GDPR compliant. More information can be found in Freemius FAQ Section.

With respect to the PixMagix PHP code, the GNU General Public License is applicable. This grants certain freedoms but excludes warranties, implied or otherwise, including fitness of purpose. Additional licenses may come into play if the plugin incorporates third-party software, potentially limiting these freedoms.

Our license provides access to Pro features, priority support, and updates. Cancelling it lets you retain the plugin files and use them according to GPL license but at the cost of losing access to updates, priority support, and the Pro features.

Our licenses are valid for your chosen subscription period—Monthly, Annual, and Lifetime. Note: ‘Lifetime’ is subject to the plugin’s viability, which may end due to technical or economic factors.

Free Trials

Free trials last for a specified time, currently set at seven days. At the trial’s outset, we request credit card details to combat fraud. No charges are applied until the trial concludes. Be sure to cancel the trial to avoid automatic charges.

During the trial period, you have unrestricted access to PixMagix features. While support is included, it is not considered priority support.

Updates & Support

Plugin updates are available to customers holding a valid and active license. Sharing or reselling your purchase code and plugin files is strictly prohibited.

Support entailing help articles, video tutorials, and direct email conversations with our team, is available on this website. The support platform might change in the future.

Please refer to our Support Policy for detailed information.


Details for the download link will be sent via email upon successful receipt of your payment. Ensure your email settings permit our emails. If issues arise, contact our support channels.

Ownership & Liability

PixMagix is provided “as is”, without any express or implied warranty. We are not liable for any damages or losses arising from using or not being able to use our plugin.

Refunds & Money-Back Guarantee

Unsatisfied with the plugin? You’re entitled to a full refund within the first 30 days of purchase.

Transactional Emails

Occasionally, we may send emails relating to your PixMagix plugin and license. Correspondence may include licensing changes, terms and conditions updates, and other purchase-related emails. Purchasing PixMagix means accepting these transactional emails.


We reserve the right to change pricing at any given time and to correct typographical errors affecting website pricing. Your personal data is safe with us—we will not share or sell it to third parties. Most data is handled by Freemius for managing payments and licenses. Support data may be held indefinitely. Check our privacy policy for further details.

Warranty Disclaimer

We cannot guarantee PixMagix’s compatibility with all third-party plugins, themes, browsers, or WordPress versions. We’re not responsible for any conflicts or damages from how these elements interact on your website. Our policy is to do our utmost to solve any issues and conflicts, but this resolution is not guaranteed.


The above terms and conditions regulate the sale of PixMagix between you, the buyer, and Andras Tovishati, the plugin author. By ordering from us, you acknowledge understanding and accepting our terms & conditions. They may be changed at any time for any reason.

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