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Support Policy

What Does Support Include

General Item Usage Questions

The author and their team are available to answer your general questions about the item and its usage. Responses may come in various formats, including directing you to existing resources such as FAQ or documentation pages.

Technical Item Questions

The author and their team will provide:

  • Answers to specific questions about the item’s features and functionality
  • Guidance on the item’s design and usage
  • Assistance with issues related to using the item and maximizing its functionality
  • Help with defects in the item in a reasonable manner

Ongoing Compatibility and Security Updates

Pro license subscribers will have access to all updates for ensuring compatibility with WordPress and resolving security vulnerabilities.

Fair Use Policy

Our priority is to improve the plugin and keep it up-to-date. Although support is available, please consult the documentation before submitting a request. Expect possible delays during weekends and holidays, as our team is small but dedicated.

Lifetime License Support Limitations

While lifetime licenses include ongoing support, fair use applies. There is no defined limit, but continuous support requests may become unsustainable. If you frequently require support, consider renewing your license to help the developer.

Multi-site License Support

Support requests for multi-site licenses should come through the original license owner. Clients using the license on multiple sites should contact support through the license owner.

What Support Does Not Include

Item Customization

Support does not cover modifications or extensions to the plugin beyond the original features, style, and functionality described on the item page.

Item Installation

Users should possess a working knowledge of WordPress and plugin installation. Refer to our documentation for installation instructions.

Hosting and Server Environment Issues

We are not responsible for supporting issues related to your web hosting or server environment. Consult your web hosting provider or their documentation to resolve these issues.

Compatibility Issues with Other Plugins or Themes

While we strive to solve conflicts with other plugins or themes, compatibility with the thousands of WordPress themes and plugins available is not always within our control. If a compatibility issue that we cannot resolve arises within the initial 30 days of your purchase, you are covered by our money-back guarantee.

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