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8 Attention-Grabbing Leaderboard Banner Designs You’ll Love

Hello digital creator, undercover artist, budding marketer – whoever you are, I bet you’re in search of some spectacular leaderboard banner designs that can capture the eye and tug at the heartstrings of your audience. And you’re in luck! Today we’ll be showcasing 8 stunning designs crafted to elevate your brand presence. But first, a quick educational detour.

The Golden Size for Your Leaderboard Web Banner

The veritable sweet spot when it comes to leaderboard web banner sizes is 728×90. Why so? This size, known as the ‘leaderboard’ in the world of digital creatives, is perfect because it fits the width of most website content and sits seamlessly alongside every other element on your website. It’s unmissable, yet unobtrusive – a balance that cheekily nudges your visitors in the direction of engagement.

Where’s the best place to flaunt it?

Ideally, you’d want to place it at the top of your webpage, just like a leaderboard. It’s also great above or below the main content, where it fits snugly and gets its much-deserved attention.

Let’s Dive Into The World of Dazzling Designs

With the technical bits sorted, let’s dive into the fun part – the designs!

The Veggie’s Delight

Picture this: a delightful vegetarian restaurant banner featuring a compelling ‘Order Now’ button. The title, brilliantly placed smack in the middle, draws the eyes to a yummy food image. Like an invisible arrow, the way the image and the background are shaped point directly towards the button – an irresistible calling for every potential customer!

The Digital Yin Yang

Divided in two symmetrical halves, this ‘Digital Marketing Agency’ banner plays delightfully with contrast. The left side steals attention with a minimalist dark background and light text, with its counterpart celebrating the beauty of a light background with dark text. A circular image sits between the two, flanked by whimsical yellow circles that add charm and character.

Travel Minimalist

This ‘Travel Agency’ banner embodies minimalistic charm. Uncluttered and sophisticated, it offers only the essentials: a title, a logo, and a call-to-action button. Because sometimes, less truly is more!

Neo-Brutalist Discounts

Ever tried advertising discounts using neo-brutalism graphic design? Its robust, raw style is an attention magnet. The powerful juxtaposition of bold graphics and straightforward typography adds an unexpected twist to your promotional design.

Neon Magic

Nothing screams ‘attention’ louder than a neon-designed ‘Cyber Monday Discount’ banner. Achieving this outstanding effect is a breeze. Select a dark background, opt for light-colored text, and apply a subtle yellow shadow for the text. Voila, you’ve got your neon magic!

Bend The Rules

Traditional rectangular design is so last season. Non-rectangular designs not only break the monotony but can captivate your audience even more. They offer new perspectives, add excitement, and create dynamic visuals that can’t be ignored.

Fun With Shapes Galore

Got a banner that needs some zing? Try adding different shapes – like circles, squares, and more. With such a blend of shapes, this banner design becomes a real feast for the eyes. These shapes, neatly arranged around the words and pictures, make the design even more interesting and deep. It’s a simple and fun way to make your banner more exciting!

Illustrate Your World

Although photos can speak a thousand words, don’t underestimate the storytelling prowess of vector illustrations! They are an ingenious way to introduce a touch of whimsy and artistic flair into your banners.

Customize These Templates to Suit Your Needs

With the PixMagix free WordPress image editor, these designs come easy at your fingertips without the need for any design expertise. Customising these templates to suit your unique sense of style turns into a matter of a few clicks – the perfect union of convenience and creativity! So why wait? Start infusing the magic of art into your banners today and take your visual appeal to whole new heights!

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